Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey everyone,

My wedding is being featured on Stylish Stems my florist for my wedding and my sister. Check it out! You will see some of my pictures on there! :)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cedar City Coldness...

Two days ago it was FREEZING!!!! It was very very cold and snowie! Mark is like a heater and he was even cold and he NEVER gets cold... He comes and picks me up from work everyday and then we go home. When I got in the car after work that day there was a crack about 4 inches long from the cold weather. We had to go to the store to get some groceries for dinner and on our way home from there there was a loud POP! At first we didnt know what it was then I looked at our windshield and found that the crack had gone ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE WINDOW! So now we have a cracked windshield that we have to get fixed. Then yesterday it was blizzarding agian... (which in my language means it was snowing kinda hard and ALOT) And there is about 3-4 inches of new snow on the ground. Alot of it has melted thank heaven! :) I am starting to like the snow. I still enjoy the wonderful weather of Vegas but Cedar is starting to grow on me! I like the snow BUT when it melts and creats ice it doenst do me any good cause I tend to slip sometimes! I have only ended up on my butt once so I think I am doing good so far! :)

I will put some pictures of our apartment up sometime hopefully soon... Mark has been using our computer at home alot lately for studying so I havent gotten to use it too much but I will try to get those on here sometime soon! :)

Life is going great! We are getting used to married life and are loving it! Hopefully everyone is doing great! Expect pictures soon! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And they lived happily ever after...

Ok Ok Ok SO we have been married for over a month now (almost 2) and I havent updated this dang blog. I'm sorry... Here us just one picture for you all to see.... :) I will add more at a later date! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Engagement Pictures of Mark and I.....

Ok so I went upto Mark's last game in Cedar City this weekend and just so you know.... He did a great job! He is just pretty much the best! :D

When I was up there my soon to be sister-in-law Jill had made Mark a CD of some of our edited engagement pictures! They turned out SO wonderful! I love them! We are going to be making a book after we are married and these pictures will DEFINATELY be used in that book! I am so excited! So here are just a few more pictures....

This one is really my most favorite! I really love how Jill put the M&J Egbert! SO CUTE!!!!

I Love how she did my eyes in this picture! Way cool if you ask me! :D

Anyways.... The count down is now down to 12 days today! And 11 TOMORROW!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited and can hardly wait till we dont have to live through our cell phones anymore! :) Time for bed for me now though! It has been a long but VERY VERY fun weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mark's Football Game

My family and I went on a little road trip this last weekend to Cedar City to go see Mark play in his second to last football game of the season! He did a great job with his snapping (Yes I am starting to learn Football lingo.... But only a little bit!) and I was very proud of him! He is so the best ever! :D

And Yes his is #64 :D I just love him so much! I am the most lucky girls! I found the most amazing and perfect man for me! I just dont know what I would do without him!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Hopefully that video worked... Oh well if it didnt! :D

So some adventures of today..... My dad got a Manlift from work today for hanging Christmas lights! He wanted me to take some pictures of our back yard for no reason so he took me and 2 of my little sisters up up and away.... We were up higher than our house! Kinda freaky but here are some pictures!

That is my roof top and my parent's balcony! :/ YIKES!!!

I can see over all of the houses in my neighborhood and into the next!

It was a fun day! :D

Me and My Mommy....

Me and mom are sitting here in my dad's office tying ribbon around little bubbles..... We are a little slap happy and hyper.... Could you tell?! :D

How could you not love this face half to death?! I just dont have the answer to that! :D I am so lucky to have such a loving and fun mommy! I love you mommy!

Me and MOM.... Yes I know I look scary But here is my mom and ME!!